MIST Toronto 2013 Competitions List

If you have any questions, please contact competitions@misttoronto.ca

Category I: Knowledge and Quran

(4 competitors each per school)

Knowledge Test 1
Knowledge Test 2
Knowledge Test 3
Knowledge Test 4
Tafseer Test

(4 competitors each per school)

Brothers Quran Recitation Level 1
Sisters Quran Recitation Level 1

(2 competitors each per school)

Brothers Quran Recitation Level 2
Sisters Quran Recitation Level 2

Category II: Arts (2 competitors each per school)

2D Art
3D Art
Graphic Design
Fashion Design
Culinary Arts**

Category III: Writing and Oratory (2 competitors each per school)

Extemporaneous Essay
Extemporaneous Speaking
Original Oratory
French Original Oratory**
Spoken Word
Prepared Essay
French Prepared Essay**
Short Fiction

Category IV: Bracket Competitions

Debate (2 competitors per school)
Parliamentary Debate (2 competitors per school)**
Math Olympics (2 competitors per school)
MIST Bowl (2-6 competitors per school)
Brothers Improv (2-6 competitors per school)
Sisters Improv (2-6 competitors per school)

Category V: Group Projects (1-6 competitors per school)

Business Venture
Brothers Nasheed/Rap
Sisters Nasheed/Rap
Science Fair
Short Film
Social Media
Research In Action

Category VI: Sports (max 10 players per school)

Brothers Basketball
Sisters Basketball
Brothers Soccer**
Sisters Soccer**


** These competitions are Toronto-only. Winners from these competitions will not be moving on to Nationals.